Addison Fulling

Ryan Brinton and Christopher Tepass of Westerly were named to the president’s list at Bishop Hendricken High School for the third quarter of the 2018-19 school year.

Dante Turano of Westerly was named as a scholar-athlete award winner at the Community College of Rhode Island. Turano is a member of the class of 2019 and the school's men's soccer team.

David Sammattaro was named Citizen of the Year, Joel Gabrielson was named Elk of the Year and Vincent DiClementi was named Officer of the Year by the Westerly Lodge of Elks at a dinner and awards ceremony held in April.

Abigail Ridler of Westerly gave a presentation, "Reassessment of Inbreeding and Effective Population Size of the Critically Endangered Common Tern (Sterna Hirundo) Population in Bermuda," at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research. She is a member of the class of 2019 at Eastern Connecticut State University majoring in biology.

Brooke Foster of Hope Valley was named to the Garnet & Gold Scholar Society at Florida State University.

Julianna Rick of Pawcatuck performed in the Muhlenberg College dance program, "Master Choreographers."

Seamus Wallace of Pawcatuck was inducted into Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Society at Assumption College.

Riley Kirk of Charlestown, a graduate student The University of Rhode Island, earned an honorable mention in the university's annual Research and Scholarship Photo Contest, which drew more than 120 entries that highlight the breadth and depth of the work university students, faculty, and staff are doing around the world. Kirk was honored for "Fungi Guttation," which shows a frost bolete mushroom that is experiencing a rapid growth phase. The yellow droplets on the pores are not dew, but the result of a process known as guttation: when a mushroom exudes fluid during high metabolic times. After this photo was taken in the Great Swamp Management Area in West Kingston, the mushroom was collected and brought back to the laboratory for extraction and isolation experiments. Kirk is pursuing a doctoral degree in natural product chemistry.

Mark Dunning of Mystic presented "Public Relations Presentation" and "Freedom Service Dogs of America" and Jacqueline Lewis of Mystic presented "Inclusion in Physical Education" at the Eastern Connecticut State University Celebrating Research Excellence and Artistic Talent at Eastern conference. 

Addison Fulling of Pawcatuck is one of 16 finalists who will compete in the National Memory Master Championship. The 11-year-old is the daughter of Anne and Brian Fulling of Pawcatuck.

The winners of the Community 2000 Virtual Masters Scholarship Golf Event held in April at the Winnapaug Country club were: first place, Chris Phillips, Wally Kelly, Bill Meyer and Bill Quirk; second place, Gerry Auth. Andrea Spas and Craig Mackenzie; third place, Eric Edgerly. Dan Liese, Jay Beausoleil and Tom Carpenter; fourth place, Mary Harnett; fifth place, Tom Carpenter, Jay Beausoleil, Pat Lyons and Eric Edgerly; and American Players prize, Catherine Giusti.

Janet L. Steinmayer is stepping down as president of Mitchell College to assume the role of president of Lesley University.

Garrett Connelly of Wakefield was a member of a team of University of Rhode Island students which developed an acoustic device that detects sounds made by whales and other marine mammals in the vicinity of the Block Island Wind Farm. Connelly is a member of the class of 2019 majoring in ocean engineering.

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