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Hannah Veale, deputy executive director of the Chorus of Westerly, in the upper balcony of the George Kent Performance Center, Dec. 1, 2021. | Tim Martin, The Westerly Sun

AGE: 31

OCCUPATION: Deputy executive director at the Chorus of Westerly.

RESIDENCE: Charlestown.


RIGHT NOW I’M IN THE MIDDLE OF: Prepping for a fantastic holiday season of performances here at the Chorus of Westerly and planning for the coming year.

I COPED WITH THE PANDEMIC BY: Starting a vegetable garden and getting a puppy.

MY PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Building our family and home together with my husband, John … we just welcomed our first child in May!

TOP ON MY BUCKET LIST: Travel more … Scotland is at the top of my travel bucket list.

I ALWAYS CARRY/WEAR: A water bottle and my phone.

WHAT I WANTED TO BE WHEN I GREW UP: A book publisher … I love copy editing.

MY HEROES ARE: My parents (Darren and Beth Stewart) and my late grandparents (Joseph and Ann-Marie Trebisacci).

FAVORITE AUTHORS: Malcolm Gladwell, Shel Silverstein and Jane Austen.

BOOKS ON MY NIGHT STAND: "Untamed" by Glennon Doyle and "Super Baby Food" by Ruth Yaron.

TOP THREE SONGS ON MY PLAYLIST: “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac, “Little of Your Love” by HAIM, and any song by Lake Street Dive.

LAST THREE SONGS I ASKED ALEXA/PANDORA/SPOTIFY TO PLAY: “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas” performed by Michael Bublé, “Shouldn’t Matter but It Does” by John Mayer, and “The Itsy-Bitsy Spider” by the Baby Einstein Music Box Orchestra.

FAVORITE THREE MOVIES OF ALL TIME: "Elf," "The Birdcage" and "Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga." I love to laugh.

FAVORITE TV SHOWS: "Yellowstone," "The Great," "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel," "Barry" and "Brooklyn 99."

FAVORITE RADIO STATION/SHOWS/PODCAST: I love podcasts! My current favorites are “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend,” “Wait, Wait … Don’t Tell Me” and “Healthier Together.”

TOP COMFORT FOOD: BBQ Mac & Cheese from The Mew’s Tavern in Wakefield.


TRAITS I MOST ADMIRE: Kindness, attention to detail and drive.

PET PEEVES: When drivers don’t use their turn signals ... and those who blatantly ignore science.

FAVORITE QUOTATION: “From tiny seeds grow mighty trees.”

MY FAVORITE THING ABOUT OUR LITTLE CORNER OF THE WORLD: It really is a community in every sense of the word.

CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: My amazing family and friends, coffee and my day planner.

LITTLE KNOWN FACT ABOUT ME: I absolutely love interior design and want to pursue a certificate in it in the future.

BEST ADVICE I EVER RECEIVED: “Don’t just present the problem … also present a solution.” Thank you, Susette Tibus!

ADVICE I BEST LIKE TO GIVE: I borrowed it from Retta (Parks & Recreation): “Treat yourself.”

IF I RULED THE WORLD I WOULD: I’m not sure I love the term “rule” but I would assemble a team of experts in their respective fields to help … no one person “rules” alone.

IF I WON THE LOTTERY, THE FIRST THING I WOULD DO IS: Pay off student loans and mortgages for our family and friends and establish a family foundation to fund those causes most dear to us.

I DRIVE A: Gray 2019 Subaru Outback.

I WISH I DROVE A: Ford F100 from the 1960s.

ALWAYS IN MY FRIDGE: Fresh eggs from our chickens (we have six!) and oat milk.

IF I COULD INVITE ONE SPECIAL PERSON TO JOIN ME FOR DINNER AND CONVERSATION, I WOULD INVITE: Our dear family friend, the Honorable Michael Mack, who passed away last month … he was incredible company and always gave constructive, fair and meaningful advice.

— Interview arranged and edited by Nancy Burns-Fusaro

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