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Front Porch Family - Joshua and Kristen Posey with their sons, Elijah, 3, and Emerson, newborn, at their New London home on Wednesday, July 8, 2020. Harold Hanka, The Westerly Sun

1. Who are/were the members of your core stay-at-home group?

Joshua, Kristen, Elijah (3) and Emerson (2 months) Posey.

2. What are your occupations?

Joshua is the membership development and marketing director for the Ocean Community YMCA’s Westerly-Pawcatuck Branch. Kristen works for Thames Valley Council for Community Action (TVCCA) as a community outreach liaison.

3. What was the most surprising thing you discovered during the long days of confinement?

How hard it is to work from home with a toddler. We have a profound respect for all the parents out there!

4. What was the most uplifting part of being isolated all that time?

Getting to spend time together 24/7 and having time to eat dinner at the table every night as a family.

5. What was the most difficult part of being isolated all that time?

Not being able to spend time with our extended family and friends. Not knowing what the future would bring.

6. Did you have a special project you worked on during the stay-at-home orders?

Since we knew that we would be spending a lot of time in the yard, we decided to make the yard neat and planned on hosting family events in the summer months to come, especially since our son is turning 3 this summer.

7. What was your go-to meal in the stay-at-home days?

Lasagna (Josh's favorite) and chicken nuggets for our Elijah.

8. What was your favorite sweet treat?

Hot brownies with vanilla ice cream! YUM!

9. What mundane things did you miss the most?  

Taking Elijah to the park; being able to run to the store without being worried about contracting the virus.

10. What was the first thing you did when the stay-at-home orders were lifted?

Went back to work and didn’t really go many places since we have a newborn. Went for drives in the car and did some birthday parades!

11. Did you participate in any distance schooling/games/activities with teachers/friends/family members during the stay-at-home stretch? Can you share a story about one experience?

We had a Zoom call with Elijah's teachers from school. It was awesome to speak with the parents and catch up with his classmates. It was great to speak with parents who are going through similar situations as our family.

12. How did you stay physically active?

Zumba in the living room with the “Zumba crew” and gardening.

13. How did you stay connected with the outside world? 

Zoom-chatting with family and friends and watching the news, which was hard because it was very tough to watch what was going on in the world.

14. What soothed you the most during those long weeks?

Family time in the yard … playing games with our son and spending time together.  

15. What music did you listen to?

Coco Melon for Elijah, lots of calming music for meditation and lots of old-school jams and Post Malone, a big mix depending on what we needed at that moment and how we were feeling.

16. Did you binge any TV shows?

"How to get away with Murder," "Turn," "The Last Kingdom," "Star Trek Enterprise," "Poldark," "The Expanse," and "Fear the Walking Dead."

17. Did you have a top take-out restaurant?

We ate mostly at home because we had time to plan and cook. If we had to choose, we would have to say The Green Room in New London. Mac and cheese and fried chicken is the best.

18. How about your biggest frustration?

That there is so much mixed information about the coronavirus. Also, that our country responded late in shutting down ... we could have saved some of our loved ones. Connecticut and Rhode Island have been doing a great job.

19. Was there a favorite board game?

We didn’t play any board games, but we sure played a lot of hide-and-seek.

20. How have you been changed by this experience?

We never would have realized how much time we miss with our families because the world moves so fast with work and obligations. We were able to slow down time for just a few weeks and I would not change it for the world.

21. What is your message of hope?

One day this will all be over and because of this we have a better understanding of the person next door. We will evolve as a species from this … it’s time for change and change is good.

— Interview arranged and edited by Nancy Burns-Fusaro

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