Stonington High School freshman Olivia Head completed her Silver Award project — the highest award achievement for Girl Scouts in grade 6-8 — despite COVID-19 pandemic hurdles.

Olivia, along with members of Girl Scout Troop 840 Westerly/Pawcatuck, designed a "Creating Positive Spaces" project and program to help improve school community morale. The project included the installation of seven semi-permanent inspirational posters in the girl's and boy's bathrooms of St. Michael's School at West Broad.

Olivia's project included a month of self-reflection, community-building, kindness and gratitude-based activities, all researched and compiled by Olivia to help build better relationships among the students.

Originally Olivia started her project in October of 2019 with the goal of supporting her middle school in Stonington. When pandemic closures began in March of 2020 she was unable to complete her work and had to seek a new partner for her project.

Partnering with Saint Michael's PTO and Principal Doris Messina in July 2020, Olivia's project was back on track. The installation of the semi-permanent inspirational posters took place just before Thanksgiving break in November. Thanks to the support of other members of Troop 840, Olivia was able to observe all COVID safety rules and finish her project. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and related closures the Girl Scouts of Southeastern New England extended the project deadline to Dec. 31.

Picture 1: Olivia Head with the installation in the girls bathroom of St. Michael's at West Broad

Picture 2: From left, Chloe, Olivia, Erica, Marcella of Troop 840 peek over the doors in the girls bathroom of St. Michael's at West Broad after completing the project installation. 

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