Greetings dear friends and kind readers and welcome back for our first October 2021 visit here on the Front Porch, where the sun rose this morning at 6:47, will set at 6:24 p.m., and where we are marveling at the amazing autumn and early Halloween decorations popping up in front yards and on front porches around our towns. I think we'll need a guide to the top ten "Must See" sites, so please feel free to send me your recommendations!

Speaking of "Must Sees," make a point to watch the acceptance speech of former Chorus of Westerly member Andrew Burnap after he won a Tony for "Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play." (You can read more about Andrew here:

In a funny, poignant and moving speech, Burnap, who won for his Broadway debut in the role of Toby Darling in Matthew Lopez' "The Inheritance," thanked his family, his hometown ("South Kingstown, where I was born and raised by a community of incredible people"), the URI Theater department (where he taught a course last semester during the pandemic), his mom, who was in the audience, and "my parents, my family, and my Mimi, who showed me that selflessness and unconditional love is a pillar of a well-lived life." 

Burnap also offered some lovely words of advice: "If you are out there and you’re wondering if you want to go into the theater or the arts and you feel a little odd like I did and you don’t know if your perspective of the world will be ever valued, Google the letter that Martha Graham wrote to Agnes De Mille. Do not rob the world of your specialness, of your beauty, because we need it now more than ever.”

"The Inheritance" also won for best director (Stephen Daldry) and best supporting actress (Lois Smith) at the awards show, which was delayed because of the pandemic and celebrated plays from the 2019-2020 season. 

A warm welcome home to Dr. Sara Crussana, a 2001 Westerly High School graduate who came back home with her two cute kiddies (Amelia and Connor) in tow, to work at Coastal Eye Associates. An optometrist, Sara is the daughter of Nick and Betsy Crussana, of Westerly, and had been in private practice for many years in Washington State and then the metro D.C. area before joining the practice begun by Dr. Ron Serra.

Felicitations to former Sun staff writer Brooke Constance White and her husband, Don Dauphinee, who had their second wedding celebration recently at the Tracy Aviary & Botanical Gardens in Salt Lake City. Brooke and Don had a small wedding during the pandemic but wanted to celebrate with friends and family, so they celebrated again in September. And felicitations and best wishes to newlyweds Maria Allen and Jeff Pucci, who were married on Saturday at the Sergio Franchi Estate in Stonington.

Well dear readers, remember there are plenty of places to get vaxxed these days, so, please, don't let politics get in the way of your being a good citizen, and do your part to show respect for life and love of neighbor... make sure to get vaxxed! Also, to be on the safe side, please, keep your social distances, mask up, wash your hands, stay safe, be kind, and ciao bella!

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