Greetings dear readers and kind friends and welcome back for our first November visit here on the Front Porch where we are still singing "Baby Shark" and applauding the World Champion Washington Nationals! What baseball! What fun and what a great escape.

Speaking of songs and escapes, isn't it so often music that lifts us up when we need it most? Well, I am delighted to report to you, dear readers, that I have been blessed with an overabundance of beautiful musical experiences this last week, beginning in New Haven, continuing in Providence and ending right here in our own backyard. On Thursday night, we we saw the international touring company for "Dreamgirls" at the Shubert Theatre, where Westerly's own Jennifer Christina sat in the orchestra pit playing keyboard. What a show! Jenn and the company now travel on to Shanghai and Tokyo. Safe travels!

On Friday night, it was off to PPAC for "Aladdin," starring Korei Lee Blossey as Genie, which is such a fun show, such an extravaganza, and so uplifting with its magic carpet ride and happy ending, you owe it to yourself to catch a performance and become blissfully bedazzled.

But on Saturday night, at our very own George Kent Performance Hall, dear friends, there was such an extraordinary performance by the King's Singers, hosted by the Chorus of Westerly, that I am still feeling the joy. From their opening number based on a Maya Angelou poem to their gorgeous version of "Danny Boy," this was a concert to remember. If you missed it, ask Ryan Saunders to share a snippet with you! How lovely to see Charlotte and Kent Brittan, Robin Marvel, Jane Kitchen and Marion Palm also enjoying the show.

Congratulations and best wishes to our dear, dear Front Porch friend Kelly Lee, who "after an exciting and memorable career in aging services," is leaving her job as vice president of community and government engagement for PACE Organization of RI to become executive director of Lucy’s Hearth in Middletown, an organization that provides shelter and programming for families experiencing homelessness. Some of you may know about Lucy's Hearth thanks to its annual "Designer Wreath & Bake Sale." We wish Kelly the best and look forward to seeing her on the other side of the bridge. (Coincidentally, former Sun Stonington reporter Nancy Lavin is now working for PACE.) I bumped into wonderful Kelly at the Athena Awards a few weeks back, when everyone's favorite glitterama queen, Angie Smith, was named this year's Athena. What fun to see so many friends (Jeannie Abate wearing her glamorous, red, high, high heels, and Mary Ellen Buckley to name a few) and former Athenas all gathered together. And, how wonderful to see so many young people honored for their hard work when scholarships were presented to Westerly High School students Maya Champ, Tyler Joseph Travis, Georgina Lau, Rocco Cillino and Abigail Turano and Stonington High School seniors Una Schaffer and Taylor Starr.

Congratulations again to our Queen Angie, who has had an extra busy year for sure. She not only chaired the two fabulous 350th anniversary galas, but she's on the committee for the upcoming light parade, and on Saturday celebrated the wedding of her granddaughter, Jill Levcowich to Nico Alviani. Jill is the middle daughter of Kelly and Mitchel Levcowich, and granddaughter also of wonderful Mary Toscano Levcowich and the late Mickey Levcowich.

Best wishes to all and ciao bella!

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