Greetings dear readers and peaceful friends and welcome back for our second Front Porch visit of 2021 where we are all still reeling from the events of last week. As horrifying, heartbreaking and disappointing as the news from The United States Capitol — "a monument, a working office building, and one of the most recognizable symbols of representative democracy in the world" (  — has been, and as much as I believe each of us has some serious thinking to do about the situation, and own up to our own parts, let's take a break from the ugliness in the world and focus on some good news for now!

Good news like the message I received from 9-year-old Jane Kearney of Westerly who was the first person to respond to last week's (Jan. 4) Front Porch News question about the photo of the giant object that washed up on the beach in Misquamicut recently. "My guess for what the thing that washed up is maybe part of a dock or lifeguard chair. Jane," the email read. I am tickled beyond tickled to learn that Jane is a Sun reader, as is Jane's dad, Tommy Kearney, who also reads the Front Porch News and recounted Jane's effort to "send something in to the Westerly Sun." 

And good news like the engagement of the beautiful Amy Crussana to her sweetheart Sean Murphy. Amy, a WHS and URI grad, and the Berckmans Place Supervisor at Augusta National Golf Club, is the daughter of Betsy and Nicholas Crussana of Westerly and worked for many years at the Misquamicut Club and the Vineyard Golf Club, where she met former President Barack Obama on several occasions. Best wishes sweet Amy, felicitations my dear!

And good news like the engagement of our pal, Ryan DiRoma who proposed to his sweetheart Kalin Leigh Eshelman. The lovebirds live in Chicago and announced their engagement with stunning photos on Facebook! Ryan, a 2001 WHS grad and son of Jesse DiRoma and Kim Brophy and the stepson of Peter Bellone, (all of Westerly,) said he is very excited and feels "very lucky, and very blessed." Ryan and Kalin, who is originally from Orange County, Calif., first met at work in San Francisco. Ryan said friends always say to him, "wow, she must really love you," ("since a California girl moved to Chicago in the middle of winter!") Kalin, said Ryan, the daughter of Dee Eshelman the late Jeff Eshelman, is "amazing." 

Some good news also from documentary film producer and Westerly native Hilary Steinman (the amazing daughter of the amazing late Nancy and Paul Klotz,) whose film, "Codebreaker," premieres tonight at 9 on PBS. Hilary (impressively) managed to produce and shoot "Codebreaker," for the PBS history series "American Experience," during the pandemic. The film examines the life of Elizebeth Friedman, "who helped take down Nazis and bootleggers like Al Capone," according to the Wall Street Journal which says the film "delivers an irresistible picture of her life and career in all its complexity." Online viewers can check here for a look at the trailer, and print viewers can copy and paste!

And brava! Brava! for another Westerly woman doing great things! Architect Diana Kellogg (sister of Charley Kellogg and daughter of Jane Kellogg,) has helped create the Rajkumari Ratnavati Girls School, the first of the three structures that will become the Gyaan Center, a women’s economic development center in India, outside the city of Jaisalmer in the Thar Desert, according to Springwise, a "global source for innovation." Diana's firm worked with the Citta Foundation to have the school built by local master craftsmen and constructed with hand-cut Jaisalmer sandstone, and with space for 400 students. The school is powered by a canopy of solar panels that double as the roof for a play area, Springwise said.

I've had quite a few calls about this month's edition of "Travel and Liesure" mag which mentions Sean Spellman, Fret's, Rhode Island Surf Co., Grey Sail Brewery, Seawell Seafood and Joyce Amedeo's  "delicious green-bean sandwich," so have a look! And let's do put on our thinking caps and solve the Seidner’s Mayonnaise mystery so I can report back to "Dan from North Smithfield!"

Well dear readers, please remember to keep your social distances, mask up, wash your hands, stay safe, be kind ... please be kind, and ciao bella!

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