The First Baptist Church of Charlestown, under the direction of Dianne Dubeendorf, performed “Sing Christmas, A Christmas Choral Experience,” earlier this month, a piece composed and arranged by Joel Rainey and Mary McDonald. Concert goers were welcomed at the entrances to the church which were lined with luminaria and wreaths upon the doors. The church interior was decorated for the holidays, complete with an altar adorned with a few poinsettia arrangements which set the holiday theme.

The 14-member choir lifted their voices in song with such enthusiasm, strength, and fellowship, that it could not help but fill the hearts of those in attendance with Christmas spirit, according to church member Elaine Lewis who took the time to send photos and describe the Christmas concert. Songs included newer selections such as “Sing Emmanuel!” and “Christ Is Born,” as well as traditional holiday favorites such as “Silent Night,” “O Come O Ye Faithful,” “Joy to the World,” “Gloria,” and “Hark the Herald Angels Sing.”

Soprano, Paula Moreau and tenor Glenn Babcock performed a solo duet in the middle of the hour-long program, singing “Tell Out, My Soul,” backed up by the entire choir.

“There is only one adjective to describe it,” said Lewis: “Remarkable!”

The choir itself consists of members Dianne Dubendorf, director, Maarja Larson, Donna Rose, Barbara Coon, Elaine Lewis, Jayne Dessereaux, Paula Moreau, Jean Babcock, Mary Haines, Phylis Reynolds, Glenn Babcock, Mark Larson, John MacKenzie, James Larson, co-director, Malcolm MacKenzie, and narrator Larry Rose. The program brought near-record attendance and and was well received by everyone. Refreshments and a get-together for all followed the program, allowing everyone to share in Christmas joy and cheer.

Many thanks from the First Baptist Church Choir to all who came out and shared this special performance.

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