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WAKEFIELD — Westerly resident Sam Eaton plays one of the lead roles in The Prout School’s upcoming performance of “The Chronicles of Jane, Book Seven,” one of two one-act comedies to be performed at the school this weekend. Both productions, which will appeal to audience-goers of all ages, address the modern universal human condition — anxiety!

We caught up with Sam via email earlier this week:

NAME: Sam Eaton

AGE: 16


NAME OF PLAY: “The Chronicles of Jane, Book Seven” by Alan Haehnel

WHAT’S THE PLAY ALL ABOUT? Jane. Jane is a teenager of such prowess that, at last count, over 37,000 people in 18 different countries wanted to be her. She assembles her friends and followers so that she can retell the story of one of the greatest challenges in her heroic career — the dreaded tale of “The Term Paper.” Can she defeat teachers, time, procrastination, and her evil brother Stewart and finish her term paper? Of course she can, for ... she is ... Jane!


DESCRIPTION OF CHARACTER: Norman is a teenager who stands in as Jane while Jane recounts her story of the term paper. He does all the physical things that happens to Jane in her attempts to write a term paper.

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