WESTERLY — Cassidy Ferry, a self-proclaimed overachiever, started writing “The Girl in the Middle” when she was just 13. It took two years of school vacations, weekends, and all the free time she had to complete her first novel. In December, the 15-year-old high honors student at Lasalle Academy, who lives in Wakefield with her family and Saint Bernard dog named Minnie, self-published “The Girl in the Middle.”

On Saturday, Cassidy will sign copies of her book at Savoy Bookshop and Café.

In an email interview earlier this week, Ferry said she hopes her story will influence other middle-schoolers to be more accepting of others.

“I wrote my book because ... well, when I first started writing it, I didn’t really have a reason for completing it, I just told myself that I’d write a novel about what happened to me in middle school,” she said in an email. “Yes, this book is based on true events and real people, however, I revised it and made it more dramatic, over-exaggerated, and hopefully it will be interesting to readers.”

“The main character, Minnie Ann Stickley-Adotte, is very different from her peers,” she said, something that causes her to get bullied when she tries to fit in with them.”

“Just like myself in my middle school years, Minnie was confused about her disadvantages and why she was so different, and why she got placed ‘IN THE MIDDLE’ of not only a tough situation, but placed in the middle of, like, a dark abyss where she doesn’t know where to swim,” Ferry wrote. “I hope that when middle-schoolers read this story, they will see that being placed in a tough situation can benefit them for the better. That they should embrace their differences and disabilities because that is what makes them special and unique. Over the two years of writing this, I even learned this lesson myself, and now I am hoping to spread it through this coming-of-age story.”

Ferry said her biggest inspirations “would have to be the people who I went through middle school with. My former science and English teacher, along with my classmates, who gave me motivation to write this.”

“From my personal middle school experience, I gained a creative spark, because I never knew about my talents for writing until then,” she said. “ One day, I would like to inspire people in a creative way. Perhaps I’ll write a sequel, or produce a movie, something big! For now though, I’m just going to focus on selling this book and maybe becoming well known and famous. That would be nice!”

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