MYSTIC — The Arts Café Mystic will host a program called "Waking Up to the Earth, a Green Poetry Cafe with Margaret Gibson and Friends," Sunday at 5 p.m. 

Gibson, who has served as Connecticut's poet laureate since 2019, will be joined by guest poets Aaron Caycedo-Kimura, Luisa Caycedo-Kimura, Catherine DeNunzio, Louis Gabordi, Benjamin Grossberg, Susan Kinsolving, Susannah Lawrence, Lana Orphanides, Vivian Shipley and Christie Max Williams.

The poets will read from the newly published anthology of poems called "Waking Up To The Earth," which celebrates and explores the natural world. 

"Writing poetry is an act of attention and receptivity," Gibson said. "You study whatever it is that strikes your attention — whether a scarlet tanager, river, field, or forest, whether mother, daughter, alcoholic, photographer, lover. You take what’s given into that part of the self that inquires, test, embraces, and embodies. Outer and inner coalesce and fuse."

"Everything is ultimately connected," she continued, "everything, therefore, is both personal and impersonal. We’re part of an enormous, sometimes painful, sometimes joyful experience of unfolding consciousness."

"We’re here to find the things that are broken and to mend them, to find where there is fracture or division and to create a wholeness," she added.

The poetry reading, which will also include music by a group called, "Luke and Mike," will be held outdoors on the patio behind the Mystic Museum of Art.

Precautions will be taken to maintain the health and safety of everyone present, said Lisa Starr, the café's artistic director.

The next poetry event will be held on Sunday, July 11, at 5 p.m. with poet and novelist Colin Channer.

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— Nancy Burns-Fusaro

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