STONINGTON — History could be in the making next week when The Stonington Players gather in Wadawanuck Square to present not one, not two, not three or four or five ... but six world premieres — in one night at their annual "Summer Show in the Park."

"We've been busy," said Anna Maria Trusky, the recently-elected president of the theater group.

Called "Hot Enough for Ya?" the show will feature an evening of brand-new short plays all comedies, and all written by local playwrights, said Trusky who is also serving as the show's producer.

"They are very strong," albeit short plays," said Trusky who wrote one play, directs three, and stars in one.

The first play of the program will be "A Chance Encounter," written and directed by Regan Morse. Starring Beth Hogan and Judy George, the play is about a pet squirrel and the friend's "very squirrely personal problem" Trusky said.

Next will be "Holiday From Hell," written and directed by Jenna Papcin and starring Papcin and Patricia Menno-Coveney as two stressed-out coworkers dreaming about a vacation away from the sweaty rigors of their jobs, explained Trusky.

Trusky directs the next play, "The Work of the Nation," which was written by Pete Jones, and stars Evan Brown, Alyssa Christian and Helen Cronin in the story about a pair of newlyweds who find themselves in hot water when they're incarcerated in an obscure, faraway land.

"Breaking Free," is next, a play written and directed by Evan Brown about inmates at a women's prison who learn how to chill out in a group therapy session. The cast includes Evan Brown, Keith Eugene Brayne, Caryn Mickle, Nancy Rupert, Trusky and Papcin.

Trusky also directs the last two; "A Warm Welcome," written by Elizabeth Kudlacz, and "Not Digging This Heat," which she also wrote.

"A Warm Welcome," tells the story of two female astronauts, who, on a mission to find a cooler planet for earthlings to populate, run into a snag and features Fifi Labbondanza, Menno-Coveney and Brayne.

"Not Digging This Heat," starring Brayne, Brown and Mickle, centers around two grave-diggers discussing environmental issues.

"We have many talented people involved," said Trusky, who has performed at Mystic Seaport over the years with a number of the actors. 

Trusky said in the event of rain, she will post a sign with an alternative location.

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