WESTERLY — An art exhibit that explores' the psyche of quarantine' is on display at the SKAVO gallery in Watch Hill through Aug. 31.

"You're Standing Too Close" — featuring works by Carlo D'Anselmi, Coco Lim Hass, Kate Skakel, Susan Snow and Will Vogt — "is an ode to this particular moment, a freeze frame which reassures us that this too shall pass and be worth remembering," according to show curator Lizzie Renfrew.

"There’s loss in realizing that those things which felt fixed are fluid and fragile," she added, "but there is clarity too."

"A pandemic, like other natural disasters, shatters the illusion of control," Renfrew said in a statement. "Unmoored by lack of daily routines, the insufficiency of digital connection is suddenly made apparent. Gone are the punctuating events, obligations once resisted now feel impossibly sweet. The businesses that make society churn stand still. Outmatched by a threat, faced with the uncomfortable truth of our own vulnerability, we seek shelter and wait it out."

"If you keep a mirror in the canary’s cage, will an otherwise lonely songbird mistake his reflection for a mate and sing?" Renfrew asks. "We’re spending a lot more time with ourselves and it’s not that comfortable. This show is about the anxiety of self-reckoning, of learning who we are when no one is watching."

The show is on exhibit at the gallery on 3 Lighthouse Road. Send email to info@skavogallery.com to receive information about attending the show.

— Nancy Burns-Fusaro

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