Leave your worries behind and escape to the fabulous land of Agrabah at the Providence Performing Arts Center where Disney's "Aladdin," on stage through Sunday, will keep you happily entertained for two-plus hours of pure, jubilant, fabulous entertainment.

The array of colors, the gorgeous, glittery costumes, the marvelous sets, the dancing, the singing — and the romantic rags-to-riches story — will keep you uplifted during this extravaganza of a show and beyond. Wait till you see the magic carpet ride! And the fog ... and the shooting stars ... and the mountains ... and the blue moon. This is one stunning show.

Featuring the magnetic Korie Lee Blossey as Genie (who arrived on stage carrying a Patriots hat), this version of the lighthearted hit musical, based on the Academy Award-winning animated film, is so much fun, and such an extravaganza, you'll be smiling long after you leave the theater. You'll smile every time you think of one of the extraordinary, dazzling scenes, every time you remember one of the memorable lines (especially Babkak's constant references to food) and every time you start humming one of the well-known tunes. This is, of course, is the musical featuring composer Alan Menken's "A Whole New World," "Prince Ali," and "Friend Like Me." 

While Blossey, with his powerful, commanding (yet lovable) presence, big booming voice and deft dancing, is definitely the star of the show, there are some fine performances from the rest of the cast. 

Jonah Ho‘okano as our hero, Aladdin, and Kaena Kekoa as our heroine, Princess Jasmine, are both excellent. They work quite well together, sing beautifully, and share a sweet spark of on-stage chemistry. Patrick R. Brown as Jafar is a perfect bad guy, and his sidekick, Iago, played by Reggie De Leon (who's got a little bit of Curly from the Three Stooges in him), is a hoot.

Aladdin's sidekicks, Babkak (Zach Bencal), Omar (Ben Chavez) and Kassim (Colt Prattes) are also very good as is Albert Jennings as Prince Abdullah and Jerald Vincent as the Sultan.

Kudos to the dance and fight captains, Michael Callahan, Michael Bullard and Jason Scott MacDonald, and to Brandon O'Neill, who was the very spooky Spooky Voice and Voice of the Cave.

The ancient story of Aladdin, the princess, the genie, the lamp and the wishes remains timely and popular for a reason. When goodness and true love triumph over darkness and evil, it's always a happy ending. Have yourself some fun and see "Aladdin."


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