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Lucas Neil Photo courtesy Friday Night Folk

NEW LONDON — Lucas Neil, the progressive, introspective folk-pop singer and songwriter known for songs that "move, evoke, and inspire a range of emotions and passions rarely accessed in every day life," is making a big splash locally.

Neil, who was born and raised in Ballston Spa, N.Y., and who says his devotion to music "has given me great purpose and stability in life," will kick off New London's Friday Night Folk series this week and perform at the United Theatre on Oct. 8 and at the Knickerbocker Tap Room on Oct. 27.

His debut album is set to be released the first week of November on all streaming platforms under “Lucas Neil.”

Neil said in an email this week that while he finds it difficult to describe his music, his guitar and his voice are "surely at the heart."

"Writing is a collaborative process between myself and an energy I can’t claim to understand," said Neil, "I find my music difficult to describe because it has not solely come from my intellect.

"But, all I do is commit myself to growth, emotionally, mentally and spiritually," he added, "and I plunge all of myself as deep into my art as I can. The music that comes out of that is the music that comes."

In a live setting it is much the same, he added.

"I give myself to the environment, to the beautiful people kind enough to come watch me, and to the songs," he said. "I think if I am successful I’m able to create a collective experience that makes the viewers life just a little bit more full, if only for a few moments."

Palpable in the atmosphere of his performances, it has been said, "are his unique finger-style guitar playing and the sense of community in the room. He urges you to listen with an open mind and love yourself with an open heart."

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