PAWCATUCK — Lighthouse Community Baptist church will continue with a tradition begun in 2007 this week — with a slight variation.

Each year at Easter time, the church presents an original play for the community, typically written, produced and directed by Lori Jones, whose husband, Ray Jones, is the church's pastor.

"This tradition has become a yearly labor of love," said Lori Jones in an email, "something a core group of actors and technicians look forward to participating in each year ... an original play tailored to their group and space."

This year, church members decided to produce Sandi Zimmerman Rebert's "A Light in the Darkness," a play, Jones said, with a really compelling, connectable story.

The play "features colorful characters, has a compelling plot, and utilizes both pathos and humor in its telling," said Jones. 

"A Light in the Darkness"  tells the story of a recently widowed woman, Rachel, and her crippled son, Nathan, who are struggling to survive in first century Jerusalem.  Without any resources, Rachel and Nathan must figure out a way to pay their inflated tax bill to the mercenary and corrupt tax collector, Malchijah.  Rachel’s hope rises when she hears that the famous rabbi from Nazareth who has been performing miracles and healing the sick is coming to Jerusalem. 

"Her singular goal becomes finding Jesus and asking Him to heal Nathan," said Jones. "But that task won’t be as easy as it seems, especially when it appears that the events surrounding Jesus’s time in Jerusalem are swirling out of control."

"A Light in the Darkness," will have two performances on Good Friday, April 19, at 6 and 8 p.m.

The play is free to the public, though donations will be accepted to help offset costs. Run time is roughly an hour and 15 minutes, Jones said. A nursery will be available for children six and under during the 6 p.m. performance.  

— Nancy Burns-Fusaro

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