WESTERLY — What would you do if you step-mother — your late father's wife — decided to use the $10 million dollars she's just inherited from her husband — your father — to support various charitable organizations?

In "The Curious Savage," John Patrick's heartwarming comedy, on stage at the Granite Theatre through June 16, the greedy Savage children know exactly what they'd do — and they do it. They commit their step-mother, Mrs. Ethel Savage, to a Massachusetts sanatorium called The Cloisters, in hopes of "bringing her to her senses" — and getting their hands on the fortune.

While she leads her step-children on a wild but merry goose chase, Mrs. Savage gets to know the residents at her new residence and develops a fondness for them all. She meets Hannibal, who believes he's a talented violinist; Florence, who carries around a baby doll; Fairy May, a Plain Jane who seeks to be admired for her extraordinary beauty; Jeff, a handsome former pilot whose plane was shot down during WWII and Mrs. Paddy, who, ever since being told to "shut up," has never spoken again ... except to rant: "I hate lightning, skunk cabbage, custard, mustard, spiders and blisters."

The audience is invited to join the fun and adventure in the high comedy which, it has been said, will leave them "with a feeling that the neglected virtues of kindness and affection have not been entirely lost in a world that seems at times motivated only by greed and dishonesty."

Jude Pescatello directs the play; Granite co-artistic director Beth Jepson plays Mrs. Savage; John Andriso plays Hannibal; John Cilino plays Titus; Michelle Mania is Fairy May; Erika Lund is Miss Willie; Mandy Solis is Miss Paddy; Marc Vakassian is Jeffrey and Darla Allen is Florence. Deanna Delaney plays Lily Belle Savage; Larry Warner is Samuel Savage and Paula Glen plays Dr. Emmett. Linda Shea is stage manager.

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