NEW LONDON — Geoff Kaufman and Reggie Harris, two legendary and well-loved performers will join forces for a double bill concert at New London's famed Friday Night Folk at All Souls on Jan. 17 at 7:30 p.m.

Kaufman, who has led his audiences to find truth, humor, and beauty in folk music for the last 30 years, is known for sharing music that spurs listeners to care for both the earth and one another. Harris, a songwriter “of great passion,” merges a world-wise point of view with a "singularly hopeful view that life is filled with possibility and hope." His songs consider life, love, history, world issues, the human experience and his own personal journey.

From ancient ballads, work songs and songs of love to poignant songs of people in struggle and humorous glimpses of human foibles, Kaufman has touched audiences from New England to California to France to Poland… and more. Songs of the sea, songs of the earth, songs of the heart and the spirit – all of these are woven into his ditty bag.

Harris is an innovative guitarist, a fearlessly creative vocalist, and an engaging storyteller. It’s clear to all that he deeply loves singing, but that’s not all. He is committed to music as a “community building vehicle.” His music shares perspectives on issues of life, history, education and human rights. In the spirit of his mentors, Pete Seeger and Dr. Bernice Johnson Reagon (Sweet Honey in the Rock), Harris is a master song leader who loves to help people discover that they can make a difference at any age, wherever they live.  

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