WESTERLY — Artist Patty Nunes will join forces with jewelry maker Kristie Foss next month at the Artists' Cooperative Gallery of Westerly at "Scene from a Train, Fleeting Moments," the June exhibit at the Artists’ Cooperative Gallery of Westerly.

Nunes, whose paintings can be "joyful and often whimsical watercolor paintings" that are "vivid yet transparent" according to a statement from the gallery, with "flowing colors and compositions that are both immediate and rhythmic." The Westerly native said she finds inspiration from her travels. "It is the places she sees, whether actually spending time there, or merely observing them out the window of her passing vehicle, that inspire her," according to the statement.

Foss, who thought about the annual family trips she took from California to points all over the West and the Midwest in her youth when creating pieces for the show, said she can vividly recall the patterns and textures created by the scenery she passed. Foss interpreted the images into several polymer clay sheets which she then transformed into jewelry pieces "reminiscent of evenly planted crops, blurry images reflecting a distant landscape or a scene rushing by." Some pieces feature a matte finish, evoking feelings of a warm, still day. Still other pieces have a high gloss finish suggesting dew or a passing shower.

She has created jewelry in a variety of media including seed beads, precious metal clay and porcelain but finds that polymer has given her the freedom to create her own mixed colors and to create both what she can see and what she can imagine. Her designs are not painted but emerge instead from the ways in which she manipulates the clay.

As they do each June, the artists have invited members of the Ocean Community YMCA Garden Club to share in the creative process. Garden club members will select a work of art as inspiration for a floral arrangement, which will also be on display. One of the pieces will be chosen to win the "Best Interpretation Award."

— Nancy Burns-Fusaro

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