NEW LONDON — Because of the rising incidence of COVID-19 in local communities, Lawrence + Memorial Hospital is restricting visitor access except under extenuating circumstances. The restrictions will apply at inpatient and outpatient facilities of the hospital. These are the same policies that were implemented in March when COVID-19 became prevalent.

Exceptions to this policy may be made at the discretion of the patient’s clinical team and will be accommodated where possible, but the priority is to protect the health of the patients, visitors and staff. Exceptions that can be made will be for maternity patients, children who are patients, patients for whom end-of-life is imminent, NICU patients, and patients with altered mental status or developmental delays.

The no-visitor policy also applies to the Emergency Department at both L+M and Pequot Health Center in Groton.

All visitors who receive permission to enter the hospital will be screened for evidence of illness by the staff at the front desk. Should questions arise, front desk staff will contact clinical leadership for guidance. Visitors who are sick will not be permitted to enter the hospital without exception.

Family and friends are encouraged to remain closely connected to their loved ones through virtual means, including Skype, Zoom, FaceTime and/or phone.

Hospital operations are unaffected and all services remain open and safe for patients. As per current protocols, patients who have an upcoming surgery or a procedure requiring general anesthesia will receive a COVID-19 test prior to their procedure.

L+M Hospital will continue to monitor the situation and restrictions will be amended when appropriate.

— Sun staff

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