The abandoned Potter Hill Mill in Westerly, Rhode Island.

Filmed/Edited by Jason Allard,

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The history of this location begins back in 1762, before the American revolution...when the flowing Pawcatuck River provided power to the first mills on this shore.

The oldest building on the property is the main three story stone structure. The building was constructed in 1843 using local westerly pink granite. The mill operated through the late 1800s producing wool yarn and cloth, and employed approximately 200 people, over multiple shifts.

In 1885, the mill expanded, adding a wood warehouse and a two story carpenter's building. In 1903, equipment was upgraded, and the mill produced fine wool cloth for men’s clothing. It continued to operate as a wool manufacturer, until it abruptly closed in 1958. Its closing is attributed to rising costs, and cheaper production in the southern United states.

In 1977, a massive fire of unknown origin destroyed most of the property. Harsh winters and the elements quickly degraded what's left of the historic mill. The upper floors have collapsed completely as seen in this video. Unfortunately, multiple plans for demolition or renovations have fallen through over the years. The cost to rehab the building is beyond what many developers are willing to pay, and the mill’s fate will likely be demolition.