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on Wednesday, July 21, 2021. The Stillman Foundation dates to the late 1800s and plays an important part in the role of the Coogan Farm land in the history of Mystic. The mansion was originally designed to be 49 rooms, but it was never completed beyond the foundation. The masonry work being done on the Stillman Foundation is made possible by the Lord Foundation Greenmanville Grant with the goal of protecting the foundation from further decay. Harald and Thaler Hefel of Hefel Masonry are working to repair and stabilize the walls and features so that the foundation can later be used for interpretive tours and programs. Harald Hefel that he wanted me to pass along to you: "The tricky part about a job like this is to not put your mark on it to not show what you can do but to leave the work that's been done so that the visitor does not suspect any interference with the history of the building. We accomplish that with coloring the mortar that we use, see what's there and how it has been done and copy that and most of all keep your ego out of it. Hefel Masonry also has built the Enders Island chapel in 2001." Harold Hanka, The Westerly Sun

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