Letter: Younger generation won’t just go with the flow

Letter: Younger generation won’t just go with the flow

The piece by Stonington High School junior Caroline Morehouse in the Wednesday, March 15, Westerly Sun is — in a word — extraordinary. By the measure of an articulate and fervent expression of committed conviction, it is right up there with those of the Parkland, Florida students Emma Gonzales and David Hogg.

School administration’s sugar-coating the walkout as one advocating “school safety” is a cop-out. It was, and should be, not just a statement in support of the students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, but primarily of their issue — better gun control, not elimination — you know, like the Second Amendment’s less quoted “well regulated” part.

There is no one who is not in favor of school safety — it is not controversial. Crowds don’t demonstrate, or students walk out, over non-controversial issues. Demonstrations are in protest for controversial matters — civil rights, the Vietnam War, and women’s rights. Students participated significantly in those controversial issues with great effect, and are clearly on a trajectory to impact the controversial issue of better gun control.

This coming generation is not one that will “tune in, turn on and drop out,” “go with the flow” or merely hope for change. A few years ago one Wheeler High School senior mobilized his classmates over 18 years old to vote, which resulted in the school building project to be approved by just three votes. These emergent adults will volunteer, vote and orchestrate change, a fact that politicians should take note of.

James H. Patton Jr.

North Stonington


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