Letter: Heartache and grief for families, from both guns and drugs

Letter: Heartache and grief for families, from both guns and drugs

When I read comments made by a radical gun-control loon who claims that someone who dies from a gunshot wound is different from someone who dies from a drug overdose, it makes me feel like I could puke.

In both cases the victim is dead! The surviving family members in both cases suffer through the same heartache and grief.

Once a drug addict becomes dependent on drugs, I believe it’s safe to assume that they experience the same emotional and mental instability that the mentally ill shooters experienced prior to their murderous rampages? Of course, if we believe the rants of the radical left-wing loons, the pharmaceutical companies and doctors manufacture and prescribe drugs so that some people can overdose and kill themselves. That is the same way that they rant about the National Rifle Association, supporting the sale of firearms and semi-automatic AR-15 rifles so that people can go around shooting schoolchildren. Their dishonesty means that we just forget about the criminal element involved with the dark side of the drug-distribution business and the black marketing of guns.

To put this into perspective, the Centers for Disease Control reports that in 2016 the “annual death rate” in the United States from all drug overdoses was about 63,600 people! That is a shocking number when it is compared to the number of deaths and missing military personnel from the Vietnam War. In the 10 years of that war, as a nation, we lost more than 58,000 military personnel. Their names are inscribed on the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C.

In an effort to combat the rising death toll from drug overdoses, one of the slogans that I've heard of is “if you see something, say something,” which in my experience didn't help much.

A college student who worked as a waitress at a restaurant that I sometimes frequent died from an overdose. On the surface it didn't seem to bother the other waitresses and at least one of them admitted that they knew she was using drugs. When I asked why someone didn't say something, I was told it was none of their business. I then said if she was on the floor bleeding would any of you have tried to stop the bleeding? Of course, she answered, but that would be different.

Since Jan. 1 of this year, I have personal knowledge of at least five young people from the South County area who have died from drug overdoses. I do not know of any that have died from a gunshot wound.

James M. Mageau


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