Letter: Women deserve to go topless on beaches, too

Letter: Women deserve to go topless on beaches, too

It’s the day after Woman's Equality Day. I’m sitting here at Blue Shutters Beach in beautiful Charlestown. There are kids and families all around me. I came camping here, a single woman with my son. I wonder if someone will complain about my attire. “Um, there's a woman in a lace bra showing everything underneath, can you do something?” While strange gun crimes continue to occur daily nationwide, and nothing’s done about it, a state cop could be sent over here to me to say, “There’ve been complaints,” and I'll be ordered into an opaque garment or face removal from the premises, child endangerment and lewd conduct charges.

I’ve noticed men wearing shirts more often in public. Well I’m not having it. I’ve longed for the sun on my chest since I was a girl and I will continue to work for total upper body clothing freedom for females until I die. My ancestors, most everyone’s ancestors, have lived close to the earth, walking many miles to be in hot climates to grow their food. For millions of years our female ancestors walked and worked the soil unclothed from the waist up on these yearly  expeditions and throughout the hot days of summer. My breasts, my body, long for this rite. As I age, my breasts are becoming inverted for lack of the expanding, heating power of the sun and I fear for my breast health.

Part of the answer to preventing violence, like gun and sex crimes, is gender equality, meaning both sexes having equal power and equal rights in all situations. But as long as females are considered the more sacred sex as evidenced by covering the same part of the body that males bare, there is no equality.

Katherine Gundelfinger
Pittsfield, Mass.


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