Letter: Whitehouse's questioning of Kavanaugh was reckless

Letter: Whitehouse's questioning of Kavanaugh was reckless

     Anyone familiar with Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse's behavior toward Judge Brett Kavanaugh during the Senate Judicial Committee hearings and continues to support him should carefully examine their conscience and moral compass. 

      No one is disputing that Dr. Ford may have been assaulted 36 years ago while at a teenage house party, but she certainly did not and could not present any evidence whatsoever that Judge Kavanaugh was involved.

     Sen. Whitehouse is a blatant liar when he testifies that she did! In the interests of the Democrat campaign to stop Kavanaugh at all costs, Whitehouse simply cast aside the “presumption of innocence” afforded to everyone under the U.S. Constitution. His despicable behavior and mischaracterizations of Judge Kavanaugh were an embarrassment to the U.S. Senate and the people of Rhode Island.

     Not only did Sen. Whitehouse ignore our Constitution, he acted like a spoiled child when reviewing Judge Kavanaugh's high school yearbook. In addition, he relied on gossip that was so preposterous that a moron would not have believed it. How could Judge Kavanaugh have been a staggering drunk during his time at Yale when he finished first in his class?

     Sen. Whitehouse's reckless holier-than-thou questioning shows that he didn't care one whit about how he was destroying Judge Kavanaugh's reputation along with that of his wife and children.

     The reason why is because in reality he is a pompous snob. I wonder if Sen. Cory Booker ( the quintessential racist in the U.S. Senate) knows that Sen. Whitehouse is also a racist? I'll bet that Sen. Kamala Harris and Sen. Mazie Hirono don't know that. They would  find out immediately if they attempt to join Sen. Whitehouse's beach club in Newport, R.I.

Senator Whitehouse and his family belong to and own a majority in the highly exclusive and historically whites-only Bailey’s Beach Club in Newport. That is a matter of public record! 

Sens. Booker, Harris and Hirono need not apply.

     How come the “#MeToo” movement isn't screaming about that? There must be women of color who would like to go to a private beach club for a cocktail and a swim from time to time?

James M. Mageau



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