Letter: Vote for Gov. Raimondo on Nov. 6

Letter: Vote for Gov. Raimondo on Nov. 6

The Oct. 8 letter to the editor by Scott Bill Hirst, “Cast your vote for Allan Fung on Nov. 6,” opened well — “We have an unusual situation in the Rhode Island Republican Party” — but quickly headed for and stayed at the bottom for the entire 343-word balance.  

Anyone hoping for the unusual situation to be a Republican candidate who actually admits what the whole world knows — that human-caused climate change demands our utmost attention — remains hoping. Hey Republicans, you’re beholden to the “Climate Change is a Chinese hoax designed to wreck U.S. manufacturing” Trump hallucination that has become a delusional Republican litmus test.  

Has our Westerly Sun been hoaxed too, as the Oct. 8 cover page informed of a climate change-induced “Forum to focus on extreme weather” Oct. 16 at URI? Is the United Nations also Chinese-hoaxed? How do you say hoax in Mandarin? What to make of the U.N. Oct. 8 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that recognized the inevitable 1.5-degree Celsius warming devastation but cautioned it’s not too late to make radical changes to avoid the catastrophic 2-degree Celsius warming that brings a staggering increase in heat waves, droughts, storms and sea-level rise that is already decimating people, economies and places the world over. Ain’t that right Houston (Harvey), Florida (Irma), Puerto Rico (Maria) and the Carolinas (Florence)? 

Avoiding this threshold would require “revolutionary changes in government and investment policies for which there is no documented historical precedent.” I’m no scientist but as far as I can tell, the referenced revolutionary changes do not include Trump’s Paris Climate Agreement walkout, tariffs on solar panels (to protect American solar panel manufacturers? Where?), appointing fellow fossil-fuel-lovers to head the EPA (the first of whom, Scott Pruitt, got tired of the death threats, but former coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler has (in)capably squeezed into Pruitt’s small shoes).  

Maybe the unusual Rhode Island Republican Party situation is allowing women the choice to make their own decisions about their own bodies? Nope. Republican mantra “Repeal and Replace Affordable Care Act Alternative?” Silence. Acceptance? Did someone just drop a pin?

I’m in absolute agreement with the letter’s ending, imploring you to vote Nov. 6! But Gov. Gina Raimondo is the obvious choice to lead our state’s alternative-energy transition, employment growth, Trump resistance and economic recovery, eyeing prosperity in the not-too-distant future. 

Jay Lustgarten


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