Letter: Vandals won’t shake this family’s faith in Regunberg

Letter: Vandals won’t shake this family’s faith in Regunberg

Early in this campaign season, my wife and I were introduced to Aaron Regunberg. He came across as a dynamic, young, and enthusiastic politician. He has strong and impressive thoughts on how to change the position of lieutenant governor from an almost figurehead/placeholder position that it currently is into a persuasive voice for the people of Rhode Island. We therefore agreed to erect signs for him on our property. Recently, a vandal stole the signs. That act got us to consider what part of Aaron’s agenda this vandal found so threatening that he or she resorted to the rather infantile act of stealing the signs.

Is it perhaps Aaron’s refusal to accept campaign contributions from corporate PACs, the fossil fuel interests, the pharmaceutical industry, or the gun lobby, contributions Dan McKee does accept?

Is it perhaps Aaron’s fight to raise the minimum wage for tipped workers to a living wage?

Is it perhaps Aaron’s fight to pass a sick days bill for many Rhode Island residents?

Is it perhaps his attempts to expand health insurance to all residents (which, by the way, would lower the costs for those of us with insurance who help subsidize the health care costs of those who cannot pay)?

Is it perhaps his advocacy of the right to choose for those women who want to exercise that right?

Is it perhaps any of many other progressive positions he holds and supports?

I suppose any of these could be the reason. But we will never know because the person who anonymously stole the signs did not choose to present his or her positions in a forum, like The Westerly Sun, where they could be reviewed, analyzed, and discussed. I would hope the voters of Rhode Island will consider these observations when they vote in Sept. 12 Democratic primary.

Kenneth Robbins


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