Letter: Trump doesn’t need Times to look bad

Letter: Trump doesn’t need Times to look bad

Having successfully gotten nowhere trying to right Phil Gingerella, I am graduating to James Mageau’s letter to the editor “Questioning The New York Times’ editorial decision” in The Westerly Sun on Wednesday, Sept. 12, directed at The New York Times’ editorial decision to publish an anonymous op-ed allegedly written by someone very deep within the dysfunction that is the Trump Presidency. YouTube Ralph Kramden responding to Alice’s “I’m not going to help you make an idiot out of yourself,” where Ralph blusters, “I don’t need your help, I’ll do it myself,” with Trump doing it every day, needing no New York Times assistance whatsoever.

Decency, justice, fairness and logic’s profundity are based on a mutual pursuit of and respect for truth and honesty, but Trump dropped this gold standard long ago with his “Obama not born in this country” attention-getting craziness that absolutely worked, truth be damned! This smear gave birth to all kinds of nonsense that right wing radio and the oxymoronic “Fox News” picked up on long ago, polluting the news industry and setting the stage for the “alternative facts,” “fake news,” “truth isn’t truth,” Trump Information Age nonsense that disparages all news that threatens the current kleptocracy.

While the Bible can be used to prove every imaginable point, let’s visit Corinthians 15:33 on being misled: “Bad company corrupts good character,” as our friend Robert Mueller indicts everyone in his path ascending the Trump Tower. On Aug. 22, Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty to eight counts of campaign violations, tax fraud and bank fraud. Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was found guilty of eight counts of financial crimes, including tax fraud and bank fraud. Hey Corinthians, any comment on who’s zooming who? Is it Cohen and Manafort corrupting our sympathetic Trump, or could our Trump have influenced his former two closest associates into the tax-fraud world? In this Aug.  22 light, it’s beyond stunning that Trump’s tax returns have not been subpoenaed by the “see-no-evil” Republican Congress. Will the soon to be Republican Supreme Court, if above-the-law Brett Kavanaugh wins the confirmation war currently fought in Congress?

In summary, The New York Times, without bias, reports the news that so often makes the Trump Administration look bad, making the Nov. 6 midterm Election Day among your most important civic duties.

Jay Lustgarten


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