Letter: Sun, media pull the wool over your eyes

Letter: Sun, media pull the wool over your eyes

The average American watches the news on TV and may read the newspaper every day to find out what is going on in the world we live in. Some may just care about local news such as their own town or state, and others like to keep abreast of world affairs and things going on in other parts of the country. People, in general, rely on the media to be truthful and unbiased when reporting a particular story or event. So when the public reads a story in the newspaper, they assume that what they are reading is the whole story, with all facts included, and without a shadow of doubt that it is true. Unfortunately, that cannot get any further from the truth. What we get instead from the media are half-truths, half the story, facts left out, slanted views and sometimes outright lies and made up stories. Why? Because they can, all the while hiding behind “freedom of the press.”

The media has the right to tell “their” story or opinion without censorship from the government while all along they are doing that very thing to the people of this country. They choose what commentary, news stories from other sources, news stories of their own, political cartoons and even right down to the “funnies” page what the American people see and hear to fit their own opinions and to go along with their own agenda. We see it every day in our own local paper, The Westerly Sun. Like the rest of the media, the Westerly Sun is anti-Trump, anti-gun, anti-right wing, pro-left wing and makes that known every day with articles of its own, articles from other sources and political cartoons to try to brainwash its readers to think as they do. We never get to see the other side of the story or the other thousands of articles that are out there that may contradict the articles or stories they print. The media doesn’t want you to know that.

So how can we trust anything the media says? I know I can’t. The proverbial “wool” has been pulled over our eyes in the name of freedom of the press, and we, the American people, are helpless to do anything about it. I will be very surprised if this even makes it in the paper. In my opinion, this is what truly makes the media the “enemy of the people.”

I gave up watching the news on TV a long time ago. Now I am giving up on newspapers too. When my subscription to The Westerly Sun runs out, I will not renew it. This action may not amount to anything or mean anything to The Westerly Sun, but it is the logical thing to do for me.

Harry Bjorkland


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