Letter: Sposato will bring sense of honest to council

Letter: Sposato will bring sense of honest to council

I am writing this in support of Louis Sposato for Westerly Town Council. During his tenure as an appointee to the 2014-16 Westerly Town Council it was clear that Louis was always thoroughly prepared for every meeting. He did his homework. I found it refreshing that when it was time to speak, Councilman Sposato made his point clearly, concisely and with no theatrics. There was never a question as to where Louis stood on an issue and his decisions were his own based on his best assessment of the subject.

When Louis was appointed to the 2014 Council he made a commitment not to run for election in 2016. It is a testament to his honesty and integrity that, despite urging from the community, he kept his word and did not enter the fray. I sure wish he had … we all may be having a different conversation these days. I am confident that Louis Sposato will bring a sense of honesty and balance to the 2018 Council and benefit the town with his thorough, common-sense approach to the position of town councilman. I urge everyone to join me in voting for Louis Sposato this Nov. 6.

Jack Armstrong


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