Letter: Somers impressed with her Senate work

Letter: Somers impressed with her Senate work

I am writing in support of Sen. Heather Somers’ re-election to the Connecticut state Senate.  I met Sen. Somers about a year-and-a-half years ago when I testified on behalf of my son at a public hearing.

Sen. Somers has been the “take-charge” lead senator in the correct initiative to address the “culture of cruelty” on the Whiting/Connecticut Valley Hospital campus. “Culture of Cruelty” is her phrase, but I totally agree with it. It is a culture that has gone on far too long on that campus. 

Yes, there have been some improvements, but the culture is so tainted, systemic and intertwined with red tape that it has been very difficult for the staff to free themselves from it. Sen. Somers is the lone senator who has led the charge to eradicate these abusive practices.

She easily understood our family’s personal story when others pretended to not understand. She has led efforts to not only help our family but other families as well. She has also kept the conversation going. She is doing what people feel a senator is supposed to do. If she were on the ballot for governor in November, I would even vote her in for that!

LaShawne Houston Sowell



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