Letter: Some advice for Rhode Island Democrats

Letter: Some advice for Rhode Island Democrats

The Associated Press article, “R.I. Democrats rescind backing for Trump supporter” in the Westerly Sun on Friday, July 6, suggested they crossed party lines as punishment against Democrat state Rep. Moira Walsh in retaliation for her calling out her fellow lawmakers’ excessive drinking at the State House. What better example actually proves her point as we wonder what Rhode Island Democrats were drinking to endorse the Trump-supporting Mr. Earnheart?

Hey Rhode Island Democratic Party, which of Trump’s policies most appeal to you? Tax cuts for his billionaire donors? Oil drilling off all national coasts? Oil drilling in our National Parks? Separating immigrant children from their parents? Insulting all our traditional allies in democracies while praising autocratic dictators in one-party states? Withdrawing from the world’s Paris climate agreement? Iran’s six-country nuclear containment withdrawal? Supreme Court reconfiguration subservient to conservatives and corporations in Trump’s autocratic image? Lying seven to nine times a day that corrodes our democracy? Keeping his tax returns hidden, preventing the public from learning what, if anything, Trump pays in taxes and who he might be indebted to?

At a particularly perilous point in our 242-year democracy, when Democrats must be united to wrestle congressional control in November, Rhode Island, 2016’s bluest state in the nation, exhibits an inebriated endorsement of a Trump supporter. Considering sensibilities and sensitivities where sexual predator Trump mocked the “Me Too Generation” last week for being so sensitive over a little sexual molesting, we in Rhode Island must encourage life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all setting the standard for our stressed nation.

Jay Lustgarten


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