Letter: Solar vs. housing in Hopkinton no contest

Letter: Solar vs. housing in Hopkinton no contest

The following would be the cost to Hopkinton taxpayers for not putting in Brushy Brook Solar Field, as the acreage is approved for 145 houses:

• 290 students times $17,624 education cost per student is $5,110,960, minus $1,350,000 Hopkinton tax collected equals $3,760,960 deficit that would raise taxes for each house in Hopkinton by $800 or more.

• This does not include additional police/fire/school/teachers or additional town workers as verified by the Hopkinton tax assessor.

• 290 students divided by 14.3 students per teacher is an additional 20 teachers plus assistants depending on grades as verified by the Hopkinton town website.

• Starting salary for teachers is $45,405, plus another $10,600 for benefits, meaning 20 teachers is an added total of $1,120,100 ($908,100 plus $212,000) to the above Hopkinton tax increase as verified by Chariho School District website.

•  Additional police for 145 houses is unknown at this time as verified by Hopkinton police chief.

And the list and dollars cost keeps growing along with your tax increase.

For those who think houses are better than solar think again:

• Houses mean trees have to be cut and the animals move out.

• Houses mean for each house built, and with two children in each house, it will cost the Hopkinton taxpayers $30,724 for each house for education alone.

• 74 percent of a Hopkinton property tax bill goes to education, as verified by the Hopkinton town budget for fiscal year 2018-19.

What Hopkinton will gain with Brushy Brook Solar Field:

• Hopkinton will get taxes from Brushy Brook, $5 per kilowatt (kW), and this is a 58-megawatt (MW) project, so the town would receive 58,000 kW times $5 or $290,000 plus property tax, or around $350,000 income per year with no expense to the town whatsoever, as verified by the Hopkinton Town Tax Assessor.

That is around $350,000 paid to Hopkinton per year for no services whatsoever.

John Orlandi
Hope Valley


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