Letter: Remember to vote in the primary Sept. 12

Letter: Remember to vote in the primary Sept. 12

The political primaries are on Wednesday, Sept. 12. It should be especially noted the day is a Wednesday, not a Tuesday. I will be voting in the  Republican primary.

As regards to the Democratic primary, it appears Matthew Brown, former Rhode Island Secretary of State, could defeat Governor Gina Raimondo in it. Whether she wins the primary or not, it will be interesting how she does. Other interesting things to watch is the strength of the progressive or more liberal wing of the Democratic party and how it does on primary day. State Rep. J. Aaron Regunberg, D-Providence, is challenging incumbent Lt. Governor Daniel McKee. That obviously is an interesting statewide race. Dr. Patricia J. Fontes, a fellow Hopkinton resident, is challenging as a distinct "underdog" in running against U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse in his renomination bid. I have known "Pat," or Dr. Fontes, if you will, for a number of years now. She is most assuredly to the "left" of me politically. She is dedicated to her views and she "stepped up to the plate" to run against great odds. She has taken an interest in her adopted hometown.

I chair the Hopkinton Republicans, but our town committee has not endorsed any candidates for federal office or state general office this year.

I will be voting in the Republican primary for former Justice Robert Flanders for the United States Senate. His opponent "Rocky" De La Fuente of San Diego, California; is running in multiple states this year for the United States Senate. One can only imagine what is proven by doing what Mr. De La Fuente is doing.

Cranston Mayor Allan Fung will get my vote for the governorship in the primary. He has government executive experience, and understands issues facing local government. One of the foundations of our state is its cities and towns. While it can be argued Mayor Fung should debate more, I find the complaint about it by state Rep. Patricia Morgan, R-West Warwick, rather interesting. I am on the nominating committee of the Rhode Island Republican State Central Committee. Leader Morgan did not attend our committee meeting to be interviewed, which was on a Sunday afternoon. As I work in retail, I passed up work that day to participate. I cost me time-and-a-half. In addition, Leader Morgan did not attend the endorsement meeting or "Republican State Convention" that gave the official endorsement. She complains about Mayor Fung, but where was she when fellow Republicans attended these meetings? I give a "nod" though to former Rhode Island state Sen. Giovanni "Gio" Feroce, who attended both meetings. While I am not voting for Mr. Feroce, he has my respect for showing up to these two meetings.

Two other people I will touch on in this letter. First, I give a "nod" to state Rep. Robert "Bobby" Nardolillo, R-Coventry, who sought the United States Senate nomination. He lost  at the state convention and afterwards came out for former Justice Flanders. Secondly, former state Rep. Joseph Trillo, a former Republican state representative, is running as an independent for the governorship. Mr. Trillo has had multiple honors from the Republicans. He spearheaded the Trump campaign in Rhode Island, and cannot seriously portray himself as an independent to voters. Most importantly, he likely could be the "spoiler" in the gubernatorial election. That event could once again happen where the winner wins by a plurality, not majority of the votes.

Neither primary allows write-in votes. Write-in votes are not allowed in primaries with the exception of president in a primary for that office. I also note federal and state public offices are required to be listed on the ballot, even if they have no opposition. Unaffiliated voters can vote in either primary. If they vote in a primary it makes them a member of that party. They can disaffiliate after voting to change their affiliation to the status of their choice.

Readers wishing to contact me can do so by reaching me at scottbillhirst@gmail.com or ashaway02804@gmail.com. They can leave a phone number, and the best time to call, if they choose to, as well as leave a message.

Scott Bill Hirst


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