Letter: Regunberg a dynamic, progressive candidate

Letter: Regunberg a dynamic, progressive candidate

My wife and I have used this year’s elections to become more active in politics. As such, we decided to support Aaron Regunberg for lieutenant governor in the Democratic primary. He is a young, dynamic, progressive candidate who will work hard for the people of Rhode Island and who will make that position a meaningful and effective voice in the state house.

We returned tonight to find that the two campaign signs we posted for him on our property next to the road were stolen. Obviously we do not know who stole them but whomever did so is clearly afraid of what Aaron Regunberg stands for and can accomplish. This vandal obviously cannot make a logical case against Regunberg, so he or she resorts to vandalism. I would ask why that person was so desperate to prevent Aaron Regunberg’s election.

Kenneth M. Robbins


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