Letter: Raimondo will be a voice for children

Letter: Raimondo will be a voice for children

As we head into a critical midterm election, we each must do our part to elect a leader who will invest in our future. I believe that person is Gov. Gina Raimondo.

She has worked tirelessly to improve and strengthen early childhood education in Rhode Island by tripling the number of Pre-K classrooms and doubling our state’s investment in Pre-K. Recently, she announced a plan to provide Pre-K for all 4-year-olds in the Ocean State.

As an early education specialist for Save the Children Action Network, I know firsthand how these investments can generate positive, long-term effects for children. A child’s brain is almost completely developed by age 5, which is a critical window for academic development and overall well-being. By enrolling children in high-quality early learning programs at an early age, we can ensure they will get a strong start in life and learn at the same level as their peers.

As a Rhode Island native and Narragansett resident, I’m proud that Gina Raimondo will make these investments to put our state’s littlest learners on the path to success.

Judie Jerald


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