Vote ‘yes’ on North Stonington schools referendum

Vote ‘yes’ on North Stonington schools referendum

It is imperative that the citizens of North Stonington vote “Yes” on Thursday concerning the school project. Not to do so could have catastrophic consequences for the town. Studies since 2004 have shown that the town needs to modernize the schools for safety and educational reasons. A legal vote has said yes. Much money has been spent and more money obligated. A no vote will mean real estate prices will plummet.

The North Stonington Public Schools are “small, but mighty.” Graduates do extremely well. For example, one college student presently has a 100 percent academic average in college. Others are excelling at U.S. military academies. For further proof, please visit the Wall of Distinguished Alumni at Wheeler High School. Furthermore, North Stonington schools have been lauded by the state of Connecticut.

Build it! Vote “Yes!”

Bernard “Bing” Bartick
North Stonington


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