Letter: Nardone a 'remarkable, energetic' choice in November

Letter: Nardone a 'remarkable, energetic' choice in November

Once more I find myself in the happy position of endorsing a local Shelter Harbor resident for a position on the Westerly School Committee. Her name: Dr. Marianne Nardone.

She has certainly proved herslef as a dedicated and diligent member of this committee this present term. I would suggest that your readers look back at her track record for attendance and participation. There is nothing of any negative nature that could be assigned to her work and persona. She is truly a giant in her experienced performance and understanding of the many complex issues facing educators today. She is not afraid to express her opinion on all issues and is indeed a champion for students of all ages. 

Additionally, Dr. Nardone is a person who listens and continues to learn as she moves forward. Her professional experience base is attached to 44 years of accomplished employment in the Norwich, Conn., public school system, where she moved forward through the ranks as a teacher, principal and assistant superintendent. Her kindness and open mind will continue to bring her expertise to the desired position with dedication and intelligence.

You will not be disappointed with the outcome of your vote on November 6th as you cast your ballot for this remarkable and energetic woman as a second-term member of the Westerly School Committee.

Janis Sawicki


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