Letter: Michael Reagan is way off base on his father

Letter: Michael Reagan is way off base on his father

Michael Reagan’s Feb. 10 piece “Enough already with the Trump obsession” is — surprise! — yugely off-base. “Progressive obsessive” identifies the symptoms, but they are a million miles from the Trump rot since they obsess over causes, not people. Peace, justice, honesty, immigration and DACA fairness, gender equality, animal rights, the environment and international cooperation in this rapidly shrinking world might be the obsessive progressive’s top issues, but the current administration rates as an embarrassment on these counts by any objective standard.

From making a mockery of peace to the end of international cooperation, with horrors everywhere in between, the Trump administration falls short. Peace: Trump’s new budget puts more than $6 of every $10 toward feeding the American war machine, seeking 716 billion military dollars while gutting the Environmental Protection Agency. International cooperation: Trump’s America is the only country in the world not to sign the Paris Climate Agreement.

Michael Reagan, do you think trying to save the climate is obsessive-worthy? There might be “other news going on in the world that isn’t about Trump,” but sadly, his across-the-board affront to all progressive causes makes the current administration enemy No. 1 domestically and not too popular, outside of Russia, in the rest of the world.

Partisanship rules our nation’s capital, but do you, Michael Reagan, think your Republicans’ obsessive No. 1 objective “for Obama to be a one-term president” (Mitch McConnell, Dec. 7, 2010)  helped forge the current environment, as Republicans fixated on this goal throughout Obama’s remarkable eight-year presidency? Your sentimental recall that “my father never demeaned or degraded his opponents” is comically offered as a lesson to both parties?

First, try to offer this peaceful insight to “Cadet Bone Spur” (thank you treasonous Sen. Baldwin), who called Mexicans drug dealers and rapists after he labeled Venezuelan Latina Miss Universe “Miss Housekeeping,” and let us know how it went.

Jay Lustgarten


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