Letter: Maybe it’s time for charter review in Charlestown

Letter: Maybe it’s time for charter review in Charlestown

I read with interest the letter to the editor from Ruth Platner, “Leave Charlestown’s charter the way it is,” in the Westerly Sun on Tuesday, Jan. 20.

Fortunately for Charlestown, we have a charter and ordinances which provide for an orderly development of the revisions and amendments which citizens want brought forward.

Research shows that the current Charlestown Town Council has never appointed the Charter Review Committee, also referred to as the Charter Revision Commission in the Charter, and spelled out in Chapter 6 of the ordinances. This commission is to comprise three to seven members. It is supposed to meet no less than once per year and it seems it has not been assembled for several years now.

As of Sunday, Feb. 18, on the town’s website, the list of commissions and committees with active membership with names and addresses of members shows none for the Charter Review Commission and it is skipped over. It is also not listed on the application for membership on commissions and committees.

The list of vacancies for commission appointment posted by the Town Council each month shows that the Charter Revision Commission was dropped off that list back in June 2017. It has disappeared.

I have talked with many members of the community and all agree that there are several issues that warrant discussion. It’s past time for the Town Council to appoint citizens who want to serve Charlestown and I encourage anyone interested in good government to submit an application for appointment, which you can find at charlestown.govoffice.com.

Click on the boards and commissions link for more information and a printable application. On the application, check the box marked “other.”

Cheryl Dowdell


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