Letter: Lock the doors and add more officers to the schools

Letter: Lock the doors and add more officers to the schools

I have heard it said that a camel is a horse that was designed by a committee. Unfortunately, that appears to be what’s going to happen regarding safety measures to protect our schoolchildren from being murdered by some lunatic.

In my opinion it is the police department’s responsibility to protect the children. Instead of training teachers to carry a concealed weapon, wouldn’t it be more effective to increase either the school budgets or municipal budgets in order to pay for placing a regular duty detail of police officers in each of the schools?

In addition, all outside doors in the schools should be locked with no entrance permitted unless opened from the inside. A simple internal electronic locking and communication system like the ones used in elderly housing complexes should be installed in each school and wired to the front desk. The inside of the outside doors should already be equipped with crowd bars which allow for the doors to be opened quickly in an emergency.

The politicians are likely to scream about the costs because it is an election year. Well, my question, to those who do, is how much is the life of one schoolchild worth?

James M. Mageau




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