Letter: Unintended consequences if Brushy Brook rejected

Letter: Unintended consequences if Brushy Brook rejected

To you who are against Brushy Brook Solar/spot zoning, I hope you know what you are doing. Houses will be built … maybe not next year, but soon. And if and when houses are built, then 145 houses means 290 students … that is a $3,760,960 deficit that will raise taxes for every house in Hopkinton by about $800. And this is only for the schools, not for teachers or added town employees or anything else that goes with it.

I am not for clear-cutting for solar either, but it would be a lot better than houses, and the town would gain $290,000 in solar panel taxes and then they would collect a property tax. So the town stands to gain between $300,000 to $350,000 in taxes. Then you can start another petition for the town not to raise your taxes.

They are building condos on Stillson Road in Richmond and they are selling as fast as they are being built, so housing in our area is at a premium. Tefft Farm was all cows and fields, and now it is all house. We just can’t afford any more houses. The added traffic to the Dye Hill Road area would be approximately 1,300 trips per day. These are all vehicles that would use the road, such as service vehicles/visitors and whatever. This was verified by DiPrete Engineering.

I respect your opinion, but think of the damage you will do to the town with added students and traffic.

John Orlandi

Hope Valley


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