Letter: Trump’s war on climate could capsize his ship in November

Letter: Trump’s war on climate could capsize his ship in November

The editorial by the Rutland Herald in The Westerly Sun on Sunday, March 11, “Vermont residents make strong statement for climate solutions,” crosses international borders despite its failure to penetrate the Washington, D.C., White House.

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” This saying was coined by Stephen Hawking, the mega-star theoretical physicist, who sadly died March 14 and was a fierce planet-protector whose final warnings were to halt climate change. The United States under President Obama was a world leader in trying to stop the carbon hemorrhaging that is destroying our climate.

Climate change is not destroying the planet, as the planet cares not one iota. It’s life on the planet that’s at risk, with the classic environmental concern always the fear of the Earth running out of resources to sustain the human race. Understandable, since it took millions of years to reach one billion people in 1804, but only 218 years to reach today’s 7.2 billion, as we proceed to decimate so much non-human life in the process.

But the resource-evaporation fear has largely been replaced by a resource-destruction fear, lest anyone think our climate producing breathable air and drinkable water are not resources. The world has remarkably addressed this nightmare, adopting the Paris Climate Accord on Dec. 12, 2015, not anticipating the Trump nightmare in thrall of climate-destroying fossil fuels. Is climate change fake news Mr. Trump, as you pursue oil drilling in the waters off all coasts and in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, slap 30 percent tariffs on renewable energy solar panels and appoint climate-deniers to all positions of consequence in your administration?

No one’s storming the Bastille (ironic of Mr. Trump to surround himself with all high-level military men while avoiding military service five times, earning the “Bone Spur President” title), but the deep red Alabama and Pennsylvania voters have abandoned you, portending a November wave that just might capsize you Mr. Trump if Robert Mueller doesn’t get you first. Amen!

Jay Lustgarten


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