Letter: Mourning husband’s death and a theft from his gravesite

Letter: Mourning husband’s death and a theft from his gravesite

My husband Sam Cherenzia died July 1, 2017. It was very unexpected and devastating to me, our children and grandchildren. Sam and I had been married 42 years. We had a great life together as friends, husband and wife, and parents.

I had put a potted pine tree at his grave and planned on planting it at home in honor of him and our life together. Someone stole it from his grave between Christmas weekend and New Year’s weekend. How does a person do such a thing like that?

They must not have known or been a friend of Sam’s because he would never condone such an act. He went to church every Sunday and loved his religion. That was a cruel person who did that to Sam.

It happened to my sister the first time she put flowers at her husband’s grave. It has happened to many people and hopefully will stop someday soon!

Sam was a kind man and to steal from his grave, I just don’t understand it. We are going through so much grief from his loss and then to have the tree that was a symbol of my love for him stolen, it is almost too much to fathom. If anyone saw this happen and knows the person, please see if it can be put back. No questions asked.

Thanks for choosing me, Sam. It was a great ride. You will be in my heart forever.

Cathy Cherenzia
North Stonington


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