Letter: Re-elect Somers and her commitment to fiscal responsibility

Letter: Re-elect Somers and her commitment to fiscal responsibility

I’m writing in support of state Sen. Heather Somers, to retain her seat in Connecticut’s Senate, 18th District. I’ve known Heather for over 30 years, and I was her first boss at Electric Boat, shortly after her graduation from the University of Connecticut. Heather is a very intelligent and gifted person. She’s unusually enthusiastic, and she demonstrates exemplary skills when digging into and defining the details of a given problem, and she’s equally capable of crafting a solution for same. Her record is replete with positive accomplishments/results in her first term as a state senator, and those accomplishments are available for all to see.

In addition to Heather’s political accomplishments over the years (both at the state and local levels), she raised a family and was a successful small-business owner. In my view, it is Heather’s fiscally conservative positions that are her most attractive — and desperately needed —attributes at this point in time. Clearly, there are many peripheral and important issues that we need to deal with as well; however, none of them (not one) even comes close to the fiscal mess that our state has wallowed in for many, many years. For if we do not find ways to stop the exodus of wealth and businesses from our state, the state’s future, our future, will be predictably dismal. Very dismal. 

Lastly, Heather is not your typical politician. She is clearly a doer, not just a talker. Heather is a native “Nutmegger,” and she  has dedicated her professional life to Connecticut. We need Heather, and more folks like her, in Connecticut’s legislature. So let’s all get behind Heather on Nov. 6 and send her back to Hartford with a resounding message of “fiscal responsibility.” 

Mike Latham



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