Letter: Price hikes far outpace 2 percent Social Security ‘boost’

Letter: Price hikes far outpace 2 percent Social Security ‘boost’

In the Sunday, Oct. 15, edition of The Westerly Sun, there was an article entitled “Social Security recipients will see a 2 percent boost.” The article stated that it would amount to an average increase of $25 in participants’ monthly checks.

The story went on, in part, that food prices rose by 1.2 percent and medical care went up by 1.5 percent. Some conservatives said the consumer inflation index was too generous. Really!

In the past three years, food and paper products have risen at least 30 percent, health care supplemental insurance 20 percent, Medicare and prescription drug plans have also increased. Need a trades person? Unless you are a handy person or have a relative or friend who can help you, expect to pay at least $85 per hour or much more.

As a matter of fact, just about everyone on Social Security is making less than they did two years ago.

Many of you may remember the TV show, “Fantasy Island.” I think most of the people who made these statements are living there! “The plane, boss! The plane!”

Antonio P. Trebisacci Jr.
, Westerly


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