Letter: It’s time we all join battle against drug crisis

Letter: It’s time we all join battle against drug crisis

On Thursday, Jan. 18, I attended an Opiod Overdose Prevention forum sponsored by the Westerly Substance Abuse Talk Force presented by a panel of men involved in different areas of concern in dealing with those who overdose. Kudos to these men and the task force members.

It was an eye opening evening, as welll as shocking and sad.

In the New Year of 18 days, the Westerly Ambulance Corps had already cared for 10 people who have overdosed.

There were only a handful of people attending, perhaps 20; two were from the Westerly Town Council, some parents, some healthcare professionals and some educators.

We, Westerly, need to step up, be forerunners in education, care and getting these drugs off the street.

So I challenge everyone to become educated and involved as a community to find a solution. Parents, healthcare professionals, council members, business owners and students. We can’t bury our heads in the sand!

I still have a lot to learn about this crisis, but I’m ready to act. Are you?

Jacqueline Murray


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