Letter: Ingraham’s comments taken out of context

Letter: Ingraham’s comments taken out of context

In his letter titled “Good riddance to Laura Ingraham's America” in The Westerly Sun on Tuesday, Aug. 14, Mr. Dave Madden obviously has taken out of context Ms. Ingraham's comments when she said that, “in some parts of the country the America we know and love doesn't exist any more.”

Ms. Ingraham made those comments during her show on Fox News on Aug. 8, which I also happened to see. In my opinion, she was talking about the horrific problems regarding illegal immigrants, sanctuary cities, disrespect for our flag, disrespect for freedom of speech on college campuses. She wasn't confusing it with the childhood she had in Glastonbury, Conn., where she grew up.

In 1961, shortly after being honorable discharged from the U.S. Army, I lived in South Windsor, Conn., which is in the same area of Connecticut as Manchester and Glastonbury. At that time I worked for a national finance company as a claims adjuster. My job sent me into various major cities in Connecticut, including the North End of Hartford (Bellevue Square), Massachusetts and Rhode Island. I dealt with every class of society from the very successful to the downtrodden and broke.

During my time as a claims adjuster, I learned firsthand how successful businessmen screwed low-income patrons with high-interest loans on furniture or other household goods knowing they couldn't afford it.

I guarantee you that Ms. Ingraham was not talking about situations like that. I wonder how much Mr. Madden knows about Ms. Ingraham? I know that Laura Ingraham has always been a champion of civil rights and civil liberties! Legal civil rights and civil liberties! What about you Mr. Madden? Do you believe in open borders and sanctuary cities?

James M. Mageau


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