Letter: Council candidate proud of ‘Westerly way’

Letter: Council candidate proud of ‘Westerly way’

Unfortunately, I have heard that there are some that view the phrase "The Westerly Way" as negative and associated with political cronyism. Anyone who listened to my council interview in its entirety and without prejudice would have understood it as a positive experience for me.

We, who were born and raised here, and lived the experience of the caring and unselfishness of our community,  believe that caring, support, and generosity are words to describe "The Westerly Way".  A community that came together in support of a young and courageous cancer patient (D-Strong) is "The Westerly Way".  A community where as children we could play football in our neighbors' yards and if we somehow got hurt, boys being boys,  parents did not end up in court with an action against them. That was how I grew up and what I consider "The Westerly Way". When you see a child in the rain getting soaked walking home from school and take the time to stop and bring him home, that is  "The Westerly Way",  or when you stop to help someone fix a flat tire, watch a home while your neighbor goes on vacation, care for their pets when they are away, that is "The Westerly Way'.

So, to those who think "The Westerly Way" is anything but caring, being supportive  of ones neighbors and being generous to those in need,  I feel sorry for you for not having experienced the thoughtfulness and caring of this community as I have. Of course, there has always been, and will continue to be, cronyism in communities. But, to the contrary, in my book that is not “The Westerly Way”.  As I said before, and continue to say, I am an Independent and have no ties to any political party or special interest. I am proud to have been raised in Westerly and want my future generations to be able to say with pride that they were proud to have been raised here too,  “The Westerly Way”.

Fred Harwood Jr.

The writer is one of two candidates under consideration to fill a vacancy on the Westerly Town Council.


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